marty_beach_2016Marty Correia writes fiction and poetry in the East Village where she has lived with conceptual artist Kate Conroy for twenty years. Marty’s work has appeared in several publications including The Mailer Review, FUSE, Punk Soul Poet, Lady Business  (Sibling Rivalry Press) and Fiction Fix. She ran the Wicked Queer Authors literary series at Dixon Place and the Grammarians Toast Paul Violi memorial event. The New York Department of Cultural Affairs funded Marty to produce a 2016-2017 reading series. Artists who have most influenced Marty are James Baldwin, Agnes Martin, Led Zeppelin, José Saramago and Gitta Sereny.

A graduate of NYU’s creative writing MFA program, Marty recently finished Brickbat, a novel set in Bridgeport, CT and Coney Island, NY that spans from the days of P.T. Barnum to 1986.


More about Brickbat:

It’s 1986. An 85-year-old man believes his toaster is haunted by the ghost of P.T. Barnum. A young girl watches the Space Ship Challenger blow up the same day her father dies. A drug-addled woman is determined to make fast money in order to reclaim her kidnapped daughter.

It’s 1844. In Buckingham Palace, Tsar Nikolai II introduces Boris, his personal arsonist, to P.T. Barnum. Boris immigrates to the United States and in 1865 sparks one of the most spectacular New York City fires.